Bravo Grease Pump

Specifications of Bravo Grease Pump

  • Modular stackable reservoirs & Minimum level as standard
  • Voltages available - 12V AC/DC - 24V AC/DC - 110V/230V 50/60 Hz, as standard
  • Nominal output per pump element: 2,8cm³/min (0.17in³/min) a 20 RPM
  • Working pressure: 280bar (4061psi)
  • Integrated fixture - for SMP and SMPM distributors
  • VARIO-Drive - allows electronic variation of pump motor 50-100% of nominal output

Description of Bravo Grease Pump

This small pump package contains many innovative features exclusive to DropSA allowing fresh possibilities in lubrication systems engineering. Bravo Grease Pump is suited for not only for indoor industrial applications but also mobile plant and vehicle lubrication systems. systems.

VARIO-Drive is a new power management system for the pump motor that protects and adjusts the pumping system electronically. That means increased reliability and greater lifespan of the pump motor as well as the ability to electronically adjust the pump output from 50% to 100% of its nominal value.
You will find that you are able to precisely control and engineer systems like never before.

The integrated next generation control system is a central to delivering these new solutions to the customer.

It allows very different ways to trigger and control the lubrication event in a system:
1. Time based interval - 0 min – 99 hours
2. Impulse Counter - 1 – 9999 cycles
3. Combined Trigger - both Timer and impulse counter
4. Impulse Driven uses impulse input to determine both standby and operation mode (0-9999 impulses)
5. Remote Only - Acts as Slave to host machine.

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