Sumo Electrically Operated Oil & Grease Pump

Specifications of Sumo Electrically Operated Oil Pump & Grease Pump

  • Max. Pressure: 400 bar
  • Output Flow Delivery: 400 cm
  • 3 / min (24 cu. in/min) (2 x 200 cm3 (12 cu. in)
  • Operating Temperature: From - 5° C to + 50° C (from 23° to +122° F)
  • Operating Humidity: 90% max
  • Protection grade IP: 55
  • Mineral Oil Lubricant Viscosity at operating temperature: Min. 32 cSt
  • Grease Lubricant Viscosity at operating temperature: NGLI 2 Max
DIMENSIONS MM (INCHES) A - 1020 (40.15), reservoir 30 kg 1350 (53.14), reservoir 100 kg B - 15 (24.21), reservoir 30-100 kg C - 460 (18.11), reservoir 30-100 kg
DUAL PUMPING MODULE - Oil Pump & Grease Pump
400cm3 (2x200cm3) pump modules installed in tandem configuration provide 400bar (5880 psi) and redundancy.
This allows the system to continue working even if one pump module becomes ineffective. Sumo pump is suitable for large single line or dual line systems.

Sophisticated add on instrumentation modules and options means even complex requirements can be met with on-the-shelf standard product. Sumo Details

Both pumping modules can be quickly replaced from the front mounting of the pump. No pipe work needs to be disrupted meaning near-zero downtime during maintenance.

The outlet plate fixing system has both Pressure and Return ports. The outlets are directly

  • STAINLESS STEEL 316 ATEX Version: available as optional.
  • TROLLEY VERSION: Replaces 777 trolley version with the new features of the SUMO.
  • SEMI TRANSPARENT RESERVOIR: Good for applications where users need to check the grease level visually.
  • PNEUMATIC MOTOR VERSION: When electrical power is not available on special applications.
  • NEW PALLET MOUNT: ship as standard pre-drilled to allow easy fixing at customer site and easy installation of support brackets for control panels and terminal wiring boxes.

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