Control Lubrication Systems are agents for DropSA Centralised Lubrication Systems & Lubrication Equipment.

Control Lubrication Systems

Welcome to Control Lubrication Systems where we specialise in providing our clients with cutting edge lubrication systems and solutions. We offer high quality lubrication systems for use in a number of applications ensuring your assets’ longevity, productivity and performance.
Control Lubrications Systems has the experience and the aptitude to assure our clients that they are receiving the finest quality lubricating equipment as well as first-rate product installation and maintenance. We work within the highest regulatory standards while simultaneously offering the most competitive prices within the market.

Control Lubrication Systems Products

Control Lubrication Systems is a supplier of an outstanding range of lubrication system products. Lubrication valves for the application of lubricant for a number of machines and tools, control panels to monitor and control the distribution, and an assortment of valves that either restrict of control the flow of lubricants.
A total loss lubrication system requires constant lubrication application to ensure that the film of lubrication between moving parts is always assured. Control Lubrication Systems offers its clients the finest quality lubrication valves and controls for this system, as well as a range of pump packages that assure your machine is constantly provided a stream of lubricant.
Our control panels, change over valves and pressure relief valves will ensure that your lubrication system is well maintained, increasing the lifespan of the machine and providing you many more hours of productivity.
Make sure you peruse our site and take a look at the various pumps we have on offer. From electric pumps to pneumatic pumps, we can supply the pump required. Or range of restrictors and injectors, coupled with control panels, manifolds, fittings and piping will ensure that you have a matchless lubrication system installed.
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