Control Lubrication Systems

Control Lubrication Systems specialise in providing our clients with cutting edge lubrication systems and solutions. We offer high quality lubrication systems for use in a number of applications ensuring your assets’ longevity, productivity and performance.

Dual Line Lubrication System

Lubrication systems engineered with the Dual Line system are generally used on large scale machinery and in harsh operating conditions to lubricate multiple points on large machines. The system can grow to a very complex one with a length that often can exceed 60 meters. The large section of pump packages together with many custom design options allows any lubrication system to be developed reliably and cost-effectively. DropsA skilled engineers are available to design large scale project and provide installation, commissioning, support and training anywhere in the world.

Progressive Lubrication System

The Serial 26 progressive lubrication feeder is the key part to the system allowing the metered dispensing of grease under pressure to each point in the lubrication system. The modular system of progressive distributor offers flexibility advantages for system design engineers and low cost maintenance advantages. Serial 26 Progressive lubrication system is used mainly for grease lubrication in total loss or re-circulating oil systems.

Single Line Lubrication Systems

Control Lubrication Systems supply Single Line Lubrication Systems from Single Line Lubrication Injectors to Single Line Lubrication Restrictors.