DM Series Modular Dual Line Distribution Block


  • Temperature range: -30 to +80°C
  • Max pressure (inlet): 400bar (5800psi)
  • Min. Viscosity: 100 cSt ( 462 SSU)
  • Grease Max: 265 ASTM (NLGI 2)
  • Connections: – inlet : 3/8 BSP or 3/8 NPTF – outlet: 1/4 BSP or 1/4 NPTF


Dual Line Lubrication Divider Valves Series 02


The modular dual line system consists of two main parts; the Base and the Metering Valves. Bases and Metering Valves are made in stainless steel AISI 316 or in zinc plated steel and are available with inlets and outlets in UNI-ISO 7/1 (BSPT) or NPTF threads.

The Metering Valves can be supplied with adjustable or xed discharge. The Valves with adjust- able discharge are tted with turrets provided with integral adjusting screws together with a metacrylate cover and seal.

A blanking plate to be ordered separately, can be provided on the Base to accommodate future additional points.

The advantages of the Modular Dual Line System are:

  • Versatility in lubrication layout planning.
  • Flexibility to expand or reduce the number of elements to meet changing requirements.
  • Reduced spare parts, fewer parts in stock = lower inventory costs.
  • Blanking plates can be provided to accommodate future requirements.
  • Save on labour and piping costs; the Metering Valves can be serviced without disturbing the assembly or existing pipework.
  • Lower maintenance costs; the modular concept provides lower cost replacement components.