Dual Line Lubrication System


Simple and reliable particularly in harsh environmental

Lubrication systems engineered with the Dual Line system are generally used on large scale machinery and in harsh operating conditions to lubricate multiple points on large machines.
The Dual Line Lubrication System can grow to a very complex one with a length that often can exceed 60 meters.
The large section of pump packages together with many custom design options allows any lubrication system to be developed reliably and cost-e ectively.

DropsA skilled engineers are available to design large scale project and provide installation, commissioning, support and training anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Dual Line Lubrication System:

  • Can be used at high pressures (500 Bar / 7000 psi)
  • Easy Expansion or modi cation of the system
  • Modular Elements (using the modular dual-line system) allows the element to be changed quickly and
    without disconnecting pipe work.
  • In the event of a blocked point or element, the remainder of the lubrication system continues to operate normally.

Typical Applications of Dual Line Lubrication System:

  • Paper Machines
  • Steel Plants
  • Cement Works
  • Large Cranes and Loading Equipment

Dual Line Lubrication System basic concept

The Dual Line distributor valves can be installed next to the lubrication point avoiding the need for com- plex pipework.

In Dual Line system exist two main lines both of them actuated alternately by means of a changeover valve.
A lubrication cycle is completed when both main lines have to be alternately pressurised and be relieved of pressure.

The system is a parallel type and each dual-line valves operates independently of any other in the system, therefore, in the event of one lubrication point becoming blocked or failing, the remainder of the system is not a ected and continues working without problems.

Dual Line image 2