Pump Series 234700-4


  • Supply voltage: 230V/400Vac – 3Ph – 50Hz – 0.55 kW 240/415Vac – 3Ph – 50Hz – 0.55 kW 280/480Vac – 3Ph – 60Hz – 0.65 kW 110Vac -1Ph – 60Hz – 0.9 kW 230 -1Ph – 50Hz – 0.55 kW 24Vcc – 0.55 kW
  • Flow: 0.465 cu/inch (125 cm3/min)
  • Maximum Pressure: 250 bar ( 3PH motor) – 200 bar ( 1PH motor)
  • Pump type: Piston mechanism Outlet Connection 3/8” BSP
  • Drum Capacity: 20Kg-25Kg – 50Kg – 180Kg/200Kg
  • Lubricant: Grease NLGI 2 max
  • Degree of protection: IP55
  • Gear Reducer Screw and helical wheel: R=50/1
  • Drum Fixture Includes radially located retaining screws.
  • Pressure By-pass Integrated adjustable: 0 ÷ 250 bar
  • Return Line for Dual Line systems Port: 1/4″ BSP



The pneumatic grease pump is an assembly consisting of a cam pneumatic motor connected to a
piston-pump located at the bottom of the suction unit. This equipment is required in all working
conditions where grease needs to be pumped under pressure (such as bearings, hubs, pins,
fittings, etc.).

This machine can be considered as a pressure pnumo-hydraulic multiplier: pressure ratio (PR) is
given by the ratio between the pneumatic (motor) and the hydraulic (pump) sections. When the
motor is supplied with a pressure (P1), the pump will generate another pressure (P2) as result of
the multiplication P1XPR. Pump with cover and follower

The motor consists of a pneumatic cylinder slave to an automatic device which alternatively
supplies two chambers determining the in-continuous movement.
Pump designing features allow the suction of high viscosity fluids without pump priming or oil
addition for pump operation.

The pump, combined with a suitable grease follower plate completed with O-ring-seals both on
the hub and on the outer lip, allows the suction of the whole lubricant inside the drum with no
generation of air pockets.