Single Line Restrictor


The 01 Single Line System operates by distributing the output of a pump over a number of Meter Units.

This system provides a simple and very cost effective method of oil lubrication on small machine applications such as: wood-working machines, shoe making machines, small machine tools, printing machines


  • Entry level low cost lubrication system
  • Different solutions to best t any application need
  • Easy to expand or change the meter units
  • Orifices can be built into machinery

Typical Applications:

  • Small Machine Tools
  • Woodworking Machines
  • Small Printing Machines
  • Textile Machines

The 01 System consists of meter units (calibrated ‘ori ces’) that balance the distribution line pressure and divide the oil from the pump proportionally across the meter units.

A Smile pump with an “01 System” represents one of the lowest priced entry level centralized lubrica- tion systems on the market today whilst maintaining high reliability and appearance.