SMART3 Oil Pump

Specifications of Smart3 Oil Pump

  • Degree of motor protection – IP 55
  • Pumping System Gear pump Flow Rate – 180 dc/min @ 2800 rpm 220 cc/min @ 3500 rpm
  • Maximum Working Pressure – 30 bar
  • Outlet Connection – G1/8” BSP
  • Min Level Floating Switch Indicator With NC contact in case of liquid
  • Min Level Optical Sensor Indicator NPN/PNP protect for short circuit, or in case of low level Filter 1000 µ
  • By-Pass Adjustable- 0÷30 bar – preset to25 bar
  • Pressure Switch – 10÷20bar – Preset to 18 bar
  • Worhing temperature – + 5 + 60 C
  • Operating Humidity – 90 % humidity rel.
  • Permitted Lubricants Oil – 32 cSt-320 cSt ; max Grease NLGI000;
  • Storage Temperature – -20 +80 °C
  • Continuous Sound Pressure Level – < 70 dB(A)
  • Max Working Time Continuous Of The Pump – 1 min
  • Minimum Stand-By Time – 5 times T-on


SMART3 is a compact and versatile oil pump, the perfect solution for oil and fluid grease lubrication.

There are two available versions, the lubrication cycle can be managed by an external PLC (MANUAL VERSION oil pump) or with an integrated controller board (AUTOMATIC VERSION oil pump).

Smart3 oil pump is ideal for application in Single Line lubrication system, typically 33V injector systems. Using 33 Valve with SMART3 oil pump, you will get a lubrication system that provides excellent quality with high performance and economic benefits.

Smart3 Automatic oil pump version is available also available a simplified SMART & Simple, with a control board that allows fast timing programming of lubrication cycles.

The control board allows to program easily the timing of cycle lubrication setting lubrication time
and stand-by time cycle